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“Michael Koppy’s ‘All in the Timing: A Hollywood Romance in Seven Chapters’ is an adventure-packed saga and sweeping folk opera...compelling, enthralling, off-beat...I like this a lot!” — Gary von Tersch, Detroit Big City Blues

“‘All in the Timing’ is a song that needs to be listened to in one sitting...it builds with countless surprises, twists and turns throughout...combining vision and roots...unique.” — David Bowling, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Ashmore’s Store is ambitious, sprawling, risky and downright different...and I like it.” — Mark Hinson, Tallahassee Democrat

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          This website should kinda obviate the ostensible need for mediated substitutes like Facebook, Instagram, and similar.

          While I regularly register an account at such places—Reverbnation, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace, Fanbridge, Pinterest, Snapchat, and wherever other, on and on, as they rise and fall—that’s just so’s no one else gets mistaken for me and confronted with unwanted notices and missives that were intended for here. I don’t actually use them. I figure if you’re curious—if what I’m actually doing merits enough of your interest—you’ll end up clicking here on your own, without a lot of trendy (and on the whole presumptiously smarmy) corporate mediation....

          So no, I don’t have ‘Facebook Friends’. I’ve got friends—and acquaintances, and family, and comrades, and some good people I’ve serendipitously encountered here and there while wandering through life.

          I also doubt most people reading this really want or need to have their lives insistently intruded upon with whatever self-satisfied and supposedly oh-so-funny 280-character Twitter witticism—or smugly assertive commentary—I might concoct. (And, ya know, now that “The Donald Trump of Big Tech”, Idiot Musk—er, um, oh so sorry, I mean ELON Musk, not IDIOT Musk; honest—has bought Twitter, why would anyone with self-awareness and intelligence [and an actual life] want to be an eager cog in the whole base burlesque? Eh?....)

          Finally, you won’t find me trying to crowd-fund my next album or tour, either—I may have problems, yeah, but self-entitlement on a scale that grand ain’t one of em....

          So if you look me up on any of those places, you’ll know you’re on the right page if it simply directs you to go to this website instead.

          An’ if you wanna get hold of me, hell, click over on the left of the screen there and send me an email; I’ll probably answer ya back in a timely and properly courteous manner.


Here below is a comic strip that appeared a while back which I think kinda incisively addresses some of the deleterious aspects of being too um...er...‘cybernetically connected’.

See if you don’t agree....