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“He’s the test tube spawn of Bob Dylan and Hank Williams Jr.” — Chris Spector, Chicago Midwest Record

Ashmore’s Store is a truly wonderful album that takes you on a grand musical journey, never stopping too long in one place, riveting you the whole way through.” — Sean Green, Country Connection

“A real storyteller, and his slightly gruff delivery suits the role well...entertaining, intriguing...impressive.” — Kerry Doole, Exclaim Magazine

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          These songs can be downloaded and printed out for free. I’ll add more songs, both originals and traditional songs from Red River Redux, as time allows in coming months.

          Note to musicians: In an admittedly unorthodox practice, I tune my guitars down three half-steps from standard tuning—the strings therefore going from C# to C# rather than from E to E. (Yes, you other players, if you pick up one of my instruments you’ll complain the strings feel like playing overcooked spaghetti.) But this means, for instance, when I play a “G” chord shape on one of my guitars, it is actually an “E” chord—three half-steps down from that supposed “G”. An “E” chord is what one would play on a piano to be in tune and play along with the recording.

          All the song sheets below show the chord shapes played. And so if you tune your instrument properly—like a normal human being, from E to E—you’ll be indeed playing three half-steps higher than what you hear me playing. Occasionally, as on “Nineteen Years Old”, the difference will be just two half-steps higher; as for that song I use a capo on the first fret. (Hey, ya followin’ all this? Listen up!....)

          I hope this all makes sense, and I’m sorry for the anticipated consternation—and for the strained vocal chords as you stand on tip-toes reaching for suddenly higher-than-expected notes....

A Filled-Out Shirt         

A Good Bank: The Financial Institution / Practical Solution
                        Talkin’ Blues
   (available upon release of the Implausible Renegade album, early in 2022)

Alighieri / The Curse of Genius   (available upon release of the Implausible Renegade album)

All in the Timing: A Hollywood Romance in Seven Chapters    

Behind Every Great Fortune         

Il Neige Dans Mon Coeur   (available upon release of the Implausible Renegade album)

Nineteen Years Old         

One Great Mornin’ (The South’s Gonna Rise Again)         

Prison Break   (available upon release of the Implausible Renegade album)


Terra Nova   (available upon release of the Implausible Renegade album)

The Cloths of Heaven         

’Til Hell’s Dang Done Froze Over         

What If   (available upon release of the Implausible Renegade album)

Yes, I’m the Man You Gave Up Lookin’ For
                                 (available upon release of the Implausible Renegade album)